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Saturday, February 25, 2006

My learning experience

I recently completed my honours degree in Tourism and I'm very happy that my schooling days are over. Now I'm looking forward to more demanding and exciting world of work. I hope it will be exciting as I think, because I will have to prove to my employers that I’m capable and competitive as my experienced colleagues. Lucky enough I'm one of the Internship holders on the World of Work Programmes. Where I have already learned how to dress formally, present my work and to take into consideration some of the things that I used to take for granted.

I also believe that there are lots of things that I still have to learn about the workplace. Things such as interacting with clients, colleagues, taking part in office meetings and presenting my work to others. I still have to prove to myself and to others that I deserve to be an internship holder. For me to be an internship holder I think would raise expectations from my employers and colleagues to produce good work at all times. That will put me under pressure to peform and will also encourage me to learn and listen to other people’s advice, so that I can produce work of a good quality.

At the same time I hope they will understand that I'm still new in the world of work and I still need to learn new things that were not part of my curriculum at school and I also need to adapt to this change, but I'm happy that I will be given an opportunity to put into practice what I have learned at school. Although I have fears about what I have learned at school that it might be different when it is put into practice. However I will learn even more about the workplace through the training component of the World of Work Programmes. I believe this will ensure that I am ready to make my contribution to any potential employer and I also believe that my strong drive and motivation to learn new things would help me to adapt to this change.


  • At 11:08 AM, Blogger Lesley Emanuel said…

    Hi Zanele

    Well done for setting up your weblog. And for the reminder that you are new to the world of work and that we must go gently..!
    Asking you to set up your weblog with no support other than an article from the YOU magazine on blogging was not gentle. You, Pascalia, Celeste and Mpho were thrown in the deep end for this one. You could have waited until 15 March for Roy's hands-on help. But you chose to take the initiative. You met the challenge. Great.

  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger Roy Blumenthal said…

    Hullo Zanele and Lesley...

    Congrats on the blog, Zanele! Very warmly written.

    I'd like to see you start popping up short articles highlighting things of interest about tourism, your chosen field. One a day should be enough to build up a quick and substantial body of work.

    All you really need is a paragraph with a link to an interesting website.


    As for all the others in the deep end... I'd really like to focus my blogging afternoon on the philosophy of blogging, and not on the nuts and bolts of setting one up.

    So I'd like EVERYONE on the training to have a blog BEFORE we meet.

    Blogs are easy. You go to Blogpot.com, type your name in, and everything's there for you.

    But BLOGGING as a practice is not easy. And that's why we're doing a full afternoon on the topic.

    So... Please spread the word that if you're expecting me to hold your hand on the basics of setting up a blog, it ain't gonna happen.

    That's why I've set up the BLOGTHINKING Yahoogroups email list. That's for us to swap notes on how to set blogs up, and how to tweak them.

    So, to those who haven't yet joined the list, please do so. And to those who haven't yet started blogging, please do so.

    Speak to your buddies. They'll help you with the basics.

    (I'm copying this comment into an email that I'm sending to the list.)

    Blue skies

  • At 11:45 PM, Blogger Psychewellbeing said…

    Zanele, I agree with you when you say this is going to be a learning experience. I am as anxious as you are. I have mentioned in my article that I worry about the nature of work, the organisational context and meeting my employer’s expectations.

  • At 12:42 AM, Blogger Roy Blumenthal said…


    Please add some posts to your blog. One per day AT LEAST.

    Are you reading your comments?

    Blue skies

  • At 9:59 PM, Blogger zanele said…

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