Learning new things

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Presentation skills

Presentation is an essential skill that I must have, as someone who is preparing for the world of work. Where I will be selling my ideas in a form of writing. I always thought I was good in presentation, but in this workshop I realized that I still have a lot to learn. For instance as I was pretending to be presenting I forgot everything that I was suppose to say. However, I finally got it right, because Des and Rob were so kind to me. They understood what I was going through at that moment. They also advised me to always practice what I'm going to present before the actual presentation. Well this workshop has helped to become aware of my shortcoming in presentation, now I know that I have to put more effort in improving my presentation skills.

Monday, March 27, 2006

good business ideas

I think we all have good business ideas, but it is always difficult to put them into action. For instance I have a good business idea, but I do not have enough time to concentrate on it since I'm still a student, secondly I do not have capital. I know there are financial institutions where I could get capital,but I do not have assets that I can put up as a surety.To have an experience I believe is also important when someone wants to open up a business and this is something I do not have right now. Well I think it wil best for me to join the corporate world first, before I can take an initiative of opening up my own business. I know that one day I will make good business women, because I have a strong drive and motivation. I guess these are some of the challenges that were also faced by business men and women before they became their own bosses.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Customer Service

Aki's workshop was very interesting, because it persuaded me to think about own behavior as a customer. I know I'm a demanding customer and at the same time I'm a very reasonable and understanding. I also acknowledge good service by thanking the service provider. This session again educated me on how to deal customers as a client, to create new customers and to maintain the existing clients. All businesses are profit driven, so it is important to have customer service skills in order to attract more customers. I’m happy that I got an opportunity to be part of this session.

Now I know what I want

When Gordon asked us why we wanted to be part of internship Programme, most of us said we wanted work experience. That is true we all want work experience, but after Gordon's presentation I realized that there are many things that I want as an Intern. Now I know what I'm looking for. I want experience, to add value to a company and to be given a chance to put my theoretical knowledge into action. At the same time to learn from my colleagues.

A killer disease

I must say, everyone knows something about HIV/AIDS, or about someone who's got HIV/AIDS. That makes us all affected by this disease.However its amazing that you still find people who are not protecting themselves against it ,because some believe that HIV/AIDS its just a disease. This means that it is just like cancer or TB. To tell you the truth HIV/AIDS is a different disease, because it cannot be cured. As long as we still have nice or soft ways of conveying the massage to the public people would continue to be ignorant when I come to HIV/AIDS. For instance, some of the TV adverts about HIV/AIDS are not made in a way that can be easily understood by different communities. HIV/AIDS is a killer disease lets find new ways of addressing this issue. The government must also put more effort in fighting this deseas.

Christine Randall,presentation was very educational,because it made me to think more about HIV/AIDS and want to know more about it.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Stress Management

This session was educational and motivating, Stress is a physical and emotional feeling that is often experienced in the workplace,especially when people underpressure to meet deadlines. Shameen Naidoo taught me new ways of managing my stress levels,such as coping with challenging work enviroment and lso to manage stressing personal relationships.This session was vey exciting for me.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Exciting week

I must say, last week was exciting for me. I have learned a lot in one week. The workshop on creativity made me to be aware of my own creativity. I think that the World of Work workshops should be part of the University curriculum. Just think about those people who did not have an opportunity to part of the Programme, how are they coping with the demanding and challenging work environment? I think it must be very difficult to cope. To be part of this programe is an opportunity that we all have to use wisely.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Competition,collaboration and cooperation

The workshop was okay. I enjoyed it, although in the beginning I could not understand what Josie was talking about. Her presentation focused mostly on economic issues. As someone from humanities background I was lost. However the group activities helped me to understand what she was presenting. I learned a lot from the Limpopo delegates and they knew everything. I also got a better understanding of clusters and how they work. The presentation was very exciting and educational.

Blog and creativity

Roy's presentation was very exciting. I learned a lot about blogging and creativity. The creativity session helped to measure my own creativity. I also learned how to become creative. The second session was about blogging.I also enjoyed it, although I was confused about what Roy said about using our blogs as a marketing tool. He said we can say everything that need to be said about us in a blog, since I will be using a blog as my marketing tool. I believe that I should say things that would be of interest to those who would be reading my blog especially my potential employers, because if I say things that are not of interest to them. I might be putting myself in a difficult position of not getting a job. However I have learned a very important skill, such as blogging and creativity.


This is my first workshop in the World of Work Programme. Tina introduced me to new concept that I was not aware of. Resilience is a concept that identifies most of the personal qualities I have, such as having an ability not to give up. I also believe that almost every one of us have these qualities, sometimes we are not even aware of them. This workshop helped me to understand myself better and to put more effort on what I want to achieve. Tina and her assistant presentation was very educational and motivational.


I liked the workshop on Emotional Intelligent .It made me to be aware of my own emotions and behaviour especially when I find myself in a situation that I cannot control like the workplace. It is true that conflict is inevitable in the workplace so it is important for us to learn now how to deal with such problems. I also found out that Emotional Intelligent can also help us to build good relationships with our family, friends and colleagues as it creates more self-awareness.I was happy with Shameens presentation.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tourism as a course

Last year when I decided to do honours in Tourism I did not know what to expect. Well it turned out to be a very exciting course; because I learned that tourism is not only about visiting different places and to have fun.Tourism in the host countries, especially in developing countries like South Africa, it can assist in alleviating poverty by contributing to the economic development of the host community. So next time when going to a holiday do not only think about the good time that you going to have, but also know that you will be contributing to development of the host community.