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Monday, March 27, 2006

good business ideas

I think we all have good business ideas, but it is always difficult to put them into action. For instance I have a good business idea, but I do not have enough time to concentrate on it since I'm still a student, secondly I do not have capital. I know there are financial institutions where I could get capital,but I do not have assets that I can put up as a surety.To have an experience I believe is also important when someone wants to open up a business and this is something I do not have right now. Well I think it wil best for me to join the corporate world first, before I can take an initiative of opening up my own business. I know that one day I will make good business women, because I have a strong drive and motivation. I guess these are some of the challenges that were also faced by business men and women before they became their own bosses.


  • At 5:18 AM, Blogger Psychewellbeing said…

    Hi Zanele I think I agree with you when you say to get an experience is important when you want to open a business.That's actually my aim. I want to work around HR/Recruitment so that I get skilled and experience.When I have a business I would know the pros and cons of doing certain things around those fields.


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