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Saturday, March 25, 2006

A killer disease

I must say, everyone knows something about HIV/AIDS, or about someone who's got HIV/AIDS. That makes us all affected by this disease.However its amazing that you still find people who are not protecting themselves against it ,because some believe that HIV/AIDS its just a disease. This means that it is just like cancer or TB. To tell you the truth HIV/AIDS is a different disease, because it cannot be cured. As long as we still have nice or soft ways of conveying the massage to the public people would continue to be ignorant when I come to HIV/AIDS. For instance, some of the TV adverts about HIV/AIDS are not made in a way that can be easily understood by different communities. HIV/AIDS is a killer disease lets find new ways of addressing this issue. The government must also put more effort in fighting this deseas.

Christine Randall,presentation was very educational,because it made me to think more about HIV/AIDS and want to know more about it.


  • At 7:00 AM, Blogger Pascalia said…

    HIV/Aids is just a disease because it can now be monitored and managed by the new Highly Active Anti - Retroviral Therapy (HAART). This means that HIV/AIDS is now classified as a manageable chronic condition just like cancer and all those other terminal conditions. When people say that “Aids is just a disease” they don’t mean that it is no longer a life threatening disease that everyone should not be scared about. They mean that in as much as the disease is scary people should find it in themselves to know more about the disease. What exacerbates its spread and what doesn’t? It is about removing all misconceptions, myths and most importantly the stigma that surrounds this disease. It is said that when you stop being scared about anything especially diseases you will be better able to handle it when it affects you because then you are in a positive mind to be able to best deal with it before it deals with you. (I am not a saint either but this is what academic researchers and victims on the subject say). I urge you to read Justice Edwin Cameron’s book "Witness to Aids" (2005) available in Africa Cullen.

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