Learning new things

Monday, April 10, 2006

Learning experiences

I have been a student for the last five years and I enjoyed being a student. At the time I have worked in different places during this period. I worked for Wits libraries and departments, and tourism company. I worked in all these places, because I needed extra income. I'm happy that I did. Now I have skills in administration, research, libraries and people’s skills.

What I’m trying to argue is that don't ever take for granted the work that you do as a student, because you will gain something out of it.

I know that all these skills would be useful in the work place. This will make different from my colleagues.

Time management

Last year I learned two things, such as managing my time and to prioritize work. I was studying full time at the same time I had a job that that required me to travel from where I live in Katllehong to Soweto and from Soweto to Woodmead.This was very challenging to me, because I was using a public transport.

At the same time I had my school work to do every day. But I'm glad that I made it. I was able to pass my honours. I also gained skills such as multi-tasking and flexibility.

This prepared me for the work environment where I will be expected to be able to work on different projects and be able to prioritize work.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Community development

In the townships there are number of community projects that taking place. Some are funded by government and some are funded community.

It is very inspiring to see people working very hard to bring about their own development. Previously in the township we used to have people who were complaining all the time about unemployment, poverty and crime.

Now they are using their available resources to develop themselves. According to Ghadija Valie, every community has resource that they can use to create employment opportunities.

The UNHCR in Africa

I think UNHCR, is an important organisation to have in the world. Since I am a South African I did not know much about refugees. I’m saying this organisation is important, because it has helped number of refugees that flee their countries for different reasons, such as war, religion and cultural reasons. This makes me to be proud of being a South African. Although we experienced apartheid before 1994, South African political leaders managed to bring peace and democracy without going to war.

In this session I have learned that in most African countries, ordinary citizens are the one who are mostly affected by political change. Where there is no protection for human rights. It is sad when these people are treated with disrespect in the countries where they seek a place to live or to hide.

We need more organisations such as UNHRC in Africa.